• Mangrove Carbon Stock for Creditor
mangrove carbon stock for creditor

Ekosistem mangrove dikenal sebagai ekosistem yang mempunyai biodiversitas tinggi, mulai dari flora, fauna dan biota air, dan dikenal juga sebagai ekosistem yang sangat rentan terhadap gangguan manusia ataupun alam.Berdasarkan hasil penelitian bersama antara CFCRRD-FORDA & CIFOR dengan judul “ Carbon Stock Assessment In Mangrove Ecosystem Of Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan, Year 2011” meyampaikan bahwa ”The overall mean carbon stock of Mangrove ecosystem across the seven transect was 882.8 ton/ha. This carbon storage is generally hight compared with upland forest in the tropics which has been reported to store between 150 and 500 ton/ha (e.g. Brown et al.’ 1991; Murdiyarso, 2002).

 Dalam kesimpulannya ( CFCRRD-FORDA & CIFOR, 2011 ) Menyampaikan bahwa ” mangrove appear to be one of the most carbon-rich ecosystem types of tropical forests. Data presented in the report show that mangrove in their research sites in kubu raya store large carbon stock compared to upland forest in the tropics. Belowground pools ( particularly soil ) in an important component in mangrove ecosystem as it comprises a relatively high proportion of the total ecosystem carbon storage.Because of the values, mangrove should be kept intact from threats of land use or land cover change. Deforestation or conversion from mangrove mangrove to other land use changes ( e.g. shrimp or fishponds, charcoal production ) may result in significant carbon emissions arising from mangrove loss, which could affect global climate change. The vulnerability to climate change and land use change coupled with the hight carbon storage of mangroves and their others important ecological services emphasize the value and potential benefits from conservation and sustainable use of resources”.If you are a green company, please contact us to joint……

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