The goals of the pre-assessment were threefold. First, it provided the FME with a clear understanding of the requirements for FSC certification. Second, SCS was able to develop a clear view of the FME’s management systems and practices, including information needed to design the main assessment. Third, the pre-assessment identified areas where the FME’s management currently does not appear to be in conformance with the FSC Principles and Criteria.Section 3 of this report provides a summary of the possible major gaps identified during the course of the pre-assessment and a summary of other issues that will need to be examined in detail in the event that the FME elects to undergo a full assessment. In addition to the possible gaps and likely non-conformances identified here, there may be additional issues and non-conformances that were not identified during the pre-assessment. SCS has made a significant effort to conduct a thorough pre-assessment, but it is the FME’s responsibility to review the standard and certification requirements closely to ensure that they are as prepared as possible to demonstrate conformance with the standard at the time of the main assessment.

Auditee presentation and discussion with staff of kandelia alam
  • Pre-Assessment Team and Qualifications
Auditor Name:
Robert J. Hrubes, Ph.D.
Auditor role:
Lead Auditor

Qualifications: Dr. Hrubes is a California registered professional forester (#2228) and forest economist with over 30 years of professional experience in both private and public forest management issues. He is presently Executive Vice-President of SCS Global Services.In addition to serving as team leader for the Michigan state forestlands evaluation, Dr. Hrubes worked in collaboration with other SCS personnel to develop the programmatic protocol that guides all SCS Forest Conservation Program evaluations. Dr. Hrubes has previously led numerous audits under the SCS Forest Conservation Program of North American public forest, industrial forest ownerships and non-industrial forests, as well as operations in Scandinavia, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Hrubes holds graduate degrees in forest economics (Ph.D.), economics (M.A.) and resource systems management (M.S.) from the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Michigan. His professional forestry degree (B.S.F. with double major in Outdoor Recreation) was awarded from Iowa State University. He was employed for 14 years, in a variety of positions ranging from research forester to operations research analyst to planning team leader, by the USDA Forest Service. Upon leaving federal service, he entered private consulting from 1988 to 2000. He has been Senior V.P. at SCS since February, 2000.

Auditor Name:
Bayu Catur Nurcahya
Auditor role:
Bayu Catur Nurcahya

Qualifications: Bayu is a forester from Bogor Institute of Agriculture. His career started in 1999 at Institute of Mangrove Research and Development (IMReD) in responsible for mangrove rehabilitation, environmental education and community empowerment in mangrove ecosystem in Indonesia.In 2002-2005 he became a program coordinator in IMRed which was responsible for developing concept and program for sustainable mangrove management. 2006-2011 Bayu worked for Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) as a facilitator of sustainable forest management under FSC scheme, particularly in community and natural forest concessions. He was responsible for Gap assessment for forest management, developing action plan and implementing it. He was also actively involved as a trainer for Reduce Impact Logging (RIL), forest concessions environment monitoring and developing HCVF documents. Since 2012 Bayu joined with Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF). His responsible mostly the same with TFT. His primarily focused on Audit of Reduced Impact Logging, developing action plan for forest concession certification, assessing clients in fulfilling non conformity, developing RIL training program and it implementation comprehensively as well as assessing other technical aspect in sustainable forest management.

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